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Olpererhütte einst

Established in 1881 by the section Prague the Olpererhütte is one of the earliest mountain huts  in the eastern Alps.  The aim was to allow climbers a "more convenient" climb of the Olperer.  Even hikes to the Fußstein, the Gefrorene Wandspitzen and Schrammacher should be simplified. 


The old Olpererhütte had eight mattresses in the loft and eight in the hay. On the ground floor was a cook stove. The flue gases were taken through a stove pipe through the gable wall to outside. The climbers had to bring their own food and fuel with them. 

Facts at a glance ...

Geschichte EN
1881   Building up a simple, uncultivated hut by section of Prague
1900   Sale to the section Berlin
1931   Reconstruction and further management
1976   Extension
2004   Sale to the section Neumarkt
2006   Demolition of hut and start of substitute building
2007   Opening of the new, enlarged hut

Once up today

Olpererhütte einst

The hut was sold in 1900 to the section Berlin for 11,000 Mark.  In 1901 67 people visited the hut, including 64 men and 3 women.  In this summer 36 ascents to the Olperer and one to the Gefrorene Wandspitzen were performed. 


In 1902 a "Abort" was built next to the front door in a small porch. It soon became apparent that the capacity of the hut was no longer sufficient because of the growing number of visitors.  In 1931, however, an extension was added that included a separate kitchen and other lodging places. 


Another renovation in 1976 brought modern sanitation and an additional guest room, but the cramped conditions remained the same. The fully occupied hut escaped a catastrophe on 31st  July 1999, when an ice and rock avalanche from the Großen Riepenkees 2,800 meters above the hut, touch only a corner of the Olpererhütte.


Some national fame achieved the long-standing tenant of Olpererhütte, Olga Platzer, called the Olpererhexe by their originality in handling with the guests.


The section Neumarkt i. d. OPf. bought the Olpererhütte on 01.01.2004 from the section Berlin. Fire safety and regulatory requirements at that time had to be implemented urgently, also modernization in terms of modern requirements for hut.


It turned out that this was not possible with the 125 years age of the hut. Thus, the decision was made for a replacement. In 2006 the old Olpererhütte was demolished and the construction of a new building was started. In 2007 the new Olpererhütte was opened and the due 125th Anniversary was rescheduled.

The new design of the hut, with simple construction and high-quality technical equipment is inspired by traditional climber accommodation. It takes into account the contemporary requirements and has a high architectural quality.